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    Brief description of chip power inductance packaging

    Brief description of chip power inductance packaging

    The encapsulation methods of SMD power inductor are mainly divided into four-point encapsulation and full encapsulation. Here we will discuss these two encapsulation methods in detail.

    Four-point package:

    As the name implies, it is quite full package. After the tolerance and matching assembly of the core and the magnetic ring, the magnetic ring is square while the magnetic core is circular when designing the magnetic ring. It can be seen that the combination of the two groups of materials will inevitably produce a gap, which must be encapsulated by special packaging materials. Because there is a kind of patch power inductor with small gap and patch inductor in the patch power inductor, the method of sealing four corners of the magnetic ring is usually adopted to achieve the Because the appearance of four-point package is less beautiful than that of full package, the chip power inductance of full package structure is extended.

    Full encapsulation: The so-called full encapsulation means that besides the four corners to be encapsulated, the remote part of the core must also be encapsulated, so as to form a full encapsulation structure with a strong sense of integrity, and the effect of magnetic shielding is not much different from that of four-point encapsulation, while there will be an additional process in the process, which will cost a little higher, while the market is right. Full-encapsulated inductors are popular, so many businesses choose four-point encapsulated SMD power inductors when choosing cost input. Components are built-in objects, and their aesthetic appearance is not particularly important.

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