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    The advantages and characteristics of SMD power inductor are analyzed in detail.

    The advantages and characteristics of SMD power inductor are analyzed in detail.

    The structure of patch power inductor is powder metallurgy die casting structure. The coil of patch power inductance is designed and processed according to the requirements, then put into the mould; then, add appropriate amount of magnetic powder specially processed by specific technology, press and shape under certain pressure; put the formed inductance embryo into the special furnace, and then sinter it into the mould at a certain high temperature, then lead the product out and into the foot. Line processing. SMT power inductor is a new type of inductor which coils are embedded in soft magnetic powder. Because of its special structure, it has many different characteristics from traditional inductors, mainly in the following seven aspects:

    1. Small size, small DC resistance and large output current: the coil turns are few, so the DC resistance is small, can pass through large current, high energy storage, anti-saturation; its output current value is about 37.5% higher than the traditional inductance. It has good current superposition resistance.

    2. Low impact noise: Powder metallurgy die-casting structure overcomes the shortcomings of traditional inductors which are fragile and noisy. Traditional devices adopt winding technology, and there is inevitable gap between winding and magnetic materials. When using, there will be high-frequency noise disturbance. Traditional inductors have very large noise. This noise is due to the fact that the coil and the mandrel in the inductor will interfere with each other at high frequencies when the CPU is adjusting the high current because of the magnetic force produced by the full load until the vibration occurs. Because the frequency of the vibration is very high, the noise will occur. As for some poorly made inductors, it may even lead to the whole block calculation. Local resonance occurs in the display card, and the decibel of noise may reach 30 decibels. The high frequency noise generated by the patch power inductor is very small because the coil and the magnet are seamless.

    3. Full shielding structure is green and environmentally friendly: the device is formed by full magnetic material, and the external part of the device is magnetic material. The inherent shielding structure has strong magnetic shielding, small magnetic leakage and excellent EMI characteristics. It has little influence on the surrounding devices, and the electromagnetic environment pollution-free is a green and environmentally friendly product, which is particularly important to improve the performance of the whole machine.

    4. Low loss and good heat resistance: due to the use of "integrated" structure, all-magnetic materials are formed, heat transfer is fast, heat dissipation area is large, coil heat dissipation is good; soft magnetic powder particles are small, surface resistivity is high, eddy current loss is small; thus greatly reducing temperature rise and machine loss. Considering the temperature tolerance, the maximum temperature that traditional inductors can tolerate is about 50-80 C, while the patch power high current inductors can tolerate the test of 125 C for a long time.

    5. Working frequency bandwidth: soft magnetic powder particles are small, surface resistivity is high, eddy current loss is small, high frequency loss is low, working frequency bandwidth can be used from tens of hertz to up to 5 MHz broadband.

    6. Easy to use: It is easy to use braided packaging for automatic patch operation.

    7. High reliability, good consistency, with ________________________ Various inductors with unique performances can be produced by controlling and changing the process conditions such as the rational mixing of soft magnetic powder. The production automation is high and can be produced in batches.

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