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    Differences between different types of common-mode inductors

    Differences between different types of common-mode inductors

    There are also great differences between common-mode inductors. Today, GujingElectronics will examine the differences between different types of common-mode inductors.

    First of all, plug-in common-mode inductors.

    Two common-mode inductors are common-mode inductors in plug-in common-mode inductors: magnetic ring common-mode inductors and common-mode UU inductors. They are relatively widely used common-mode inductors. First of all, the two inductors should be put forward because they have too many similarities.

    First of all, the physical parameters of the two materials are roughly the same. They are both high power and high inductance, which are produced by manganese and zinc materials.

    Secondly, both of them are used in the same environment: they are used in the front end of the power supply for filtering operation.

    Common-mode inductance of magnetic rings can be replaced by common-mode UU inductance when the inductance value is not high and the current is low. However, if the inductance value is high or the industrial current (8-10A), the common-mode inductance of magnetic rings must be used.

    Although the common-mode inductance of magnetic ring has a wider range of applications than common-mode UU inductance and a larger current adaptability, it is more expensive because of the larger diameter of common-mode inductance of magnetic ring and the need for manual foot-hanging in production. The common mode UU inductor has a smaller diameter and can be fully automated. The price is relatively cheap.

    In addition to the above two common-mode inductors, patch common-mode inductors have to be mentioned.

    The SMD common-mode inductor is usually filtered in DC circuit because the material is nickel and zinc. At the same time, the common-mode inductance of the patch is small (usually less than 1 mH), so it can not be replaced with the two common-mode inductances above.

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