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    Conditions for the Replacement of Different Types of Inductors

    Conditions for the Replacement of Different Types of Inductors

    In theory, different inductors can be substituted for each other as long as the inductors have the same inductance value without any requirement of the circuit.

    However, in reality, this situation rarely exists. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the following principles should be followed for inductance substitution: inductance substitution, inductance substitution, inductance substitution, inductance substitution, inductance substitution and inductance substitution.

    1. The inductance coil must be replaced by the original value (the number of turns is equal, the size is the same).

    2. The patch inductor only needs the same size, and can be replaced by 0-ohm resistance or wire.

    The single-layer winding method is to winding the windings of inductance coils on the outer surface of insulating pipes in a single-layer manner. The single-layer winding method can be divided into indirect winding and tight winding. Indirect winding is generally used in some high-frequency resonance circuits, because this winding method can reduce the capacitance of high-frequency resonance line diagrams. At the same time, it can stabilize some of its characteristics. Close winding is based on coils with smaller resonant coils.

    Coil inductance is relatively large, coil winding method is multi-layer winding method, multi-layer winding method includes close winding and beehive winding two types, close winding method arrangement is relatively close, need a layer by layer distribution, the capacitance produced by the winding coil is relatively large, the way of beehive winding is at a certain angle. The arrangement is not very smooth, but its capacitance is smaller than that of the compact winding method. In some high-voltage resonant circuits, when winding inductance coils, we need to meet the current value and the voltage withstanding between coils. When winding inductance coils, we also need to consider the heat of coils.

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